“In the beginning there was nothing but barren rock and stagnant sea. And then there were dragons. Nobody knows from whence they came, they swarmed out of the sky as a fiery rainbow one day so long ago. The dragons landed on the world to rest in their immense odyssey when they could fly no more. Weary from whatever journey they had made, they rested for 14 days. On the 15th, the older dragons insisted that they continue in their voyage, but the younger ones refused. Arcane energy surged that day, but when the dust settled, a bargain was struck. Half of the younglings, drawn randomly, could stay, the other half must leave with the elders on whatever journey they were undertaking. And so this came to pass, the vanguard watching as their kin faded up into the inky blackness, never to be seen again. And so the colony began their work, refusing to ever talk about their lost comrades.

The colonists weaved immense magic into the land as they worked, turning the wasteland into a lush world full of life. To speed the process along, numerous gates were opened, drawing creatures from other worlds to the planet. But the dragons did not always desire the beings they brought. And so, the dragons began to split apart, with some specializing in creating and drawing forth new types of life to the world, their hides taking on a luster due to the powerful positively aligned magic they used, and others destroying those creations that upset the delicate balance the dragons had attempted to cultivate, their scales falling into dullness thanks to the evil magic they used, even if it was for the noblest of reasons.

And then, a talented young chromatic was born. Aersin looked around at the work of the chromatics as he grew, and was even more dedicated to the task of eradicating the unwanted animals as the most honorable and determined chromatics before him. But where they enjoyed the task as it set balance to the world, Aersin enjoyed the task because it allowed him to kill. And so, as the years went by, this charismatic youth obtained significant prestige with the dragons. He decided to make his move at long last, arguing that the logical conclusion of the dragons’ actions, their passing of judgement on others, was to rule the lesser races, showing them a path towards civilization. Impressionable chromatics of all ages flocked to his cause, with none of the previous generation of dragons to warn them of the folly, as none had stayed on the world. Aersin manipulated his followers into casting a dark ritual that transformed his body into a gruesome monstrosity. When Aersin awakened, he devoured all those near him, causing the chromatics to recoil in disgust and terror.

Yet the metallics stood firm. None of them had been tempted by Aersin’s promises of leadership; the pure magic they channeled instilled them with great wisdom. They rounded up the remaining chromatics and together they devised a plan. Four enormous magic circles, made from assembled metallics were created, and together they summoned all of the races they had cultivated within them. The chromatics, angry at being betrayed and seeking atonement, reeked destructive magic across the face of the world in a concentrated effort, binding Aersin within the center of the earth, never to escape. To protect the races, and to give hope to the world, the metallics turned their bodies into mountains, shielding the people inside from the terrors that were unleashed, but unfortunately locking them inside with a seal no magic has yet unlocked.

Aeons have passed, and much has changed. Inside the mountains, the races have largely forgotten the dragons, and the breaking of the world. Yet outside, new beasts have emerged, servants of Aersin, working desperately to free him. As of yet, they’ve made no progress, but perhaps that shall change in the future."



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